Upcoming Events

Depending on the year and the time we have to apply and attend art shows around the region we will be looking forward to meeting you and sharing our "Wild and Scenic Images"

Upcoming Shows For the 2017 Season




Our new Light Dome booth allows us to display our large framed artwork.  It's 9 feet tall.  Look for us at the next art show.  We will be at Swiss Days 2017 on the very south end of the square next to the main road in the "A" section.  Come see us on Labor Day weekend in Midway, Utah.


Here are some recent images from recent adventures!

I will try to share a sample of my most recent adventures in this section.

Orange Sneezeweed and Purple Aster Flowers at Salina Reservoir in the upper Gooseberry drainage east of Salina, Utah

"Butterfly pauses on some Purple Asters" near Twin Ponds, Fishlake National Forest, Utah

"Big 6" at Rocky Mountain National Park fall of 2013


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Cold winter morning after a foggy night in December 2013 near our home west of Salina, UT


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