Kreig Rasmussen

Kreig Rasmussen

Kreig Rasmussen 

Kreig Rasmussen is a wildlife biologist by trade and professional photographer by demand.  Kreig lives in the small Central Utah town of Salina.  From his home it is only a short distance to some of the the most beautiful scenery nature has to offer.  Utah has more variety of natures wonders to photograph than most places in the world.  Kreig’s love for wildlife and the great outdoors keeps him in the field every season of the year.

As each new season unfolds, nature comes alive with new beauty Kreig will be out in search of that special moment nature has created to be captured by his camera.  Some special interest areas are:

*  The Four Seasons–Nature

*  National Parks

*  Wildlife

*  Panoramics

*  Country Life

*  HDR

*  Seascape–Lighthouses

*  Black and White

*  Recreation

Kreig has had a camera in his hands since he got his first 35mm SLR for Christmas at the age of 12.  Kreig owned his own color lab and shot wedding and portrait photography while he and his wife Dixie were going to college.  Kreig studied photography at Snow College and Brigham Young University.  Kreig and Dixie have 5 children who all love the great outdoors as much as their DAD!